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Luxury real estate is a combination of high quality objects, external beauty and modern technologies that are necessary for a comfortable life. HomeLuxInvest is one of the best representatives for the development and sale of luxury real estate in Loutraki and on the Peloponnese coast. We individually approach the wishes of each client and satisfy the most refined requirements in the "DeLuxe" class segment. In addition, objects of this class are the most liquid and profitable from the point of view of investment, so we would advise you to look at this option, and not take a mortgage housing now, even for long-term investments due to high interest rates. In order for you to get the maximum benefit at the lowest cost, we at HomeLuxInvest offer step-by-step payments without interest!


Location is the most important aspect in investing in real estate, since further construction, the final result and profitability of the project depend on it. Our team is always for a comprehensive approach, so the selection of the site consists of several stages. Firstly, it is the client's desire. At the preliminary consultation, we carefully listen to the needs and wishes, analyze all the pros and cons together, so that the buyer is always sure that he is making the right choice. Secondly, our team always monitors the growth of prices and the situation on the real estate market. Thanks to this, we can offer several of the most profitable and relevant options to choose from. And, thirdly, the client always has the opportunity to view and evaluate different options in a convenient way: either come in person or conduct a remote viewing. Before buying a plot, our engineer performs an examination. This means that our engineer and lawyer first check all the documents, determining all the building codes for this site. Then they go to the site together with the topographer, set the boundaries of the site and the building spot, analyze the soil, relief and other details related to construction.


Cooperation with experienced architects, engineers and 3D designers gives us the opportunity to make a high-quality project with all the permits and visualization. Each of the specialists has extensive experience in this field and many successful projects behind them. How does the process work? First, the architect makes the project according to the client's wishes, observing all legal norms and requirements. Next, the 3D designer visualizes the project so that the client can make sure that everything corresponds to his ideas. After approval, the engineer receives all the necessary permits, and our project is ready for construction.


Our company provides services for the construction of luxury villas, complexes and turnkey hotels. High-quality and successful construction depends on several factors, and our team knows everything about them. Firstly, they are responsible and professional workers. Our construction team consists of people with extensive experience who use modern construction technologies and constantly improve their skills. Secondly, these are high-quality materials. Our specialists are always in the process of searching for only the best materials, and today the company already has many contacts of the most responsible suppliers. Thirdly, it is the construction control that takes place at each stage to confirm compliance with all building codes. We carry out turnkey construction, as well as implement projects at our own expense and pretexts to enter the project start stage. Thus, the buyer saves more than 15% than on the completed project, since the price increase occurs precisely after the construction is completed. For land owners, Home Lux Invest offers a scheme of mutually beneficial cooperation, in which the owner provides his land for development to our company. We, in turn, undertake to build it up at our own expense, and upon completion of construction, the owner of the land plot receives ownership of part of the buildings. As a rule, the calculation of this part takes place by agreement of the parties on the basis of the cost of the plot, and is expressed as a percentage.


We can take over the whole process of home improvement: this includes repair, reconstruction, interior design, selection and installation of furniture. An interior designer and a 3D specialist will make a project for you to show what the final result will look like. Our company has direct contacts with large finishing and furniture companies. At your request, we can provide such services either remotely, or together with you to coordinate the design and choose furniture, and then monitor the execution of the work.


In the company, we are proud of every object built, so we offer real estate management services to ensure the greatest increase in the price of the object and the profitability of the owner. At your request, we can take on all the hassle associated with the maintenance and operation of the facility. This includes cosmetic repairs, cleaning, payment of utilities and taxes, rental of the object and full legal support. You don't have to worry about anything, and your property will generate income.

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